Suppliers and Partners

Suppliers and Partners of Trust Pharmacy

To ensure the guaranteed quality of each product, Trust Pharmacy works only with large and proven suppliers. Our cooperation has lasted for many years. We are developing together, growing, putting a lot of effort, as a result, provide you with the best range of medical products.

Reliable partners are the guarantee of our success!

Our partners are the largest suppliers of medications from India. Thanks to this cooperation, the pharmacy’s assortment offers an extensive list of the most popular medicines and health-related products on the market. Strong partnership relations serve as a guarantee of high quality of medicines and timely delivery.

The suppliers are the company’s reliability and stability. The high efficiency of each delivery stage allows us to offer the customer convenient cooperation conditions and to ensure the delivery of the goods in the shortest possible time. The constant desire to develop and improve supply mechanisms strengthens the company’s position in the pharmaceutical products market.

One of the priority tasks of the company’s development is the expansion of the existing list of supplied medicines and medical products. In this direction, we are actively working with the largest Indian suppliers with more than 10 years of experience in the wholesale supply of pharmaceutical products, deserving the authority and reputation of reliable partners. Fast turnover allows you to establish a flexible pricing policy and enrich the assortment.

List of suppliers cooperating with Trust Pharmacy

Our company chooses suppliers with significant potential in terms of innovation and optimization of production costs and logistics processes:

  • Sun Pharmaceuticals was established in 1983. Today, it is the leader in the pharmaceutical market in India in terms of gross sales. The advantage of this company is the constant renewal of the assortment: they constantly add new items in the catalog. In addition, their advantages are the trustful relationship of partner relationships, customer satisfaction. The company has a wide network of representative offices and branches;
  • Lupin Ltd has been working in India’s pharmaceutical market for 50 years. The company cooperates with the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in the USA and abroad. The company provides over 5,5 thousand drugs, medicinal cosmetics, homeopathy, dietary supplements of other products. The responsible mission of Lupin Ltd is to provide the market with quality medical products;
  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is recognized as one of the best pharma distributors in the India market, according to the statistics for 2018. The company’s market share is 18.71%. A clear partnership allows the company to systematically supply more than 14,000 items of medicines and health-related products;
  • Cipla is a large Indian pharmaceutical distributor established in 1935. The company is engaged in the sale of medicines and other medical products. The company cooperates with pharmacies and other medical institutions on the territory of the USA. The company is constantly improving and embodies new technological solutions. All this allows them to compete in good faith with other institutions. Another basic advantage of Cipla is transparent pricing;
  • Aurobindo Pharma is a pharmaceutical company established in 1986 and is now recognized as one of the leading distributors in the Indian pharmacological industry. According to data for 2018, Aurobindo Pharma gets the third place in the list of Indian pharmaceutical distributors. The company holds leadership positions in terms of dynamics and rates of development. In 2018 the turnover of goods increased by 42%. The company cooperates with 15,300 customers;
  • Zydus Cadila Healthcare is a company that has been operating since 1952. It was established to provide people with drugs of excellent quality. The main mission of the company is to promote health all over the world. To realize this global task, Zydus Cadila Healthcare sells medicines that meet world standards, promotes modern approaches to treatment. The main advantages of the company are stable development, responsibility in the social sphere, professionalism of the personnel. The management style of the company allows them to control the processes and technologies of deliveries in a complex manner, to combat the risks of goods falsification;
  • Piramal Enterprise is a reliable partner of Trust Pharmacy. The assortment is wide and made up of the basic necessary commodity items. The price list includes more than 7 000 names of medicines, cosmetics, bio additives, other goods, satisfying the demands of various pharmacies. The company cooperates fruitfully with domestic and foreign partners. Piramal Enterprise guarantees affordable prices, compliance with certificates;
  • Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. We have a long and fruitful cooperation with this supplier. It’s nice to work with a team of professionals who are focused on long-term prospects in their activities. Glenmark is a national company, their mission is to provide the population with goods and services in the field of health and beauty. This supplier has proved to be a reliable and responsible partner, it is pleasant and effective to work with them;
  • Torrent Pharmaceuticals is one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical market in India. It is very important for them to observe the highest standards of quality in their work. The main task of the company is to provide customers with goods and services that do not cause complaints. In this regard, they carefully choose business partners. Cooperation with Torrent Pharmaceuticals allows us to always be sure of the correct storage of medicines in the warehouse, We also can be sure that all processes will be performed in accordance with the rules and all customers will be satisfied with the service. We form a new scheme of partnership with this company, introducing innovative methods and increasing the effectiveness of our cooperation day by day;
  • A.S Lifesciences is a time-tested partner which has been cooperating with Trust Pharmacy for many years. High level of professionalism of the personnel and availability of necessary conditions for storage of products favorably distinguish A.S Lifesciences from other companies in the market. This manufacturer has one of the best platforms for the distribution of medications, and we hope that every year our cooperation will be even more fruitful and enjoyable.