Trust Pharmacy is a well-known online store providing an access to the generic medications. This is a type of international pharmacy with affordable delivery options. The level of the service provided is confirmed by various publications. The mention of Trust Pharmacy may be found in the following newspapers and magazines:

  • Newsweek (New-York);
  • Washington Times (Washington);
  • Daily News (New-York).Publications

Why was Trust Pharmacy Mentioned in Mass Media?

This online pharmacy was mentioned in the mass media on merit. New Your newspapers underline the outstanding service of this online store resulting from the competition conducted. There was a pool in the frames of which people were asked whether they buy medications online or not. The answer was positive in 85% of interviewed people. It becomes more and more popular to buy medications from various online pharmacies. As a result, the pool shows that almost 50% of people prefer buying meds from Trust Pharmacy. Finally, Newsweek and Daily News published this pool confirming this data.

Washington Times also stresses out the increasing popularity of Trust Pharmacy because of affordable delivery options. The percentage of delivered parcels are almost 100-%. Moreover, their customers point out if something wrong happens with the parcel there are options of reshipment and refund of all orders. Customers just need to contact a customer care department to inform about the problem happened.

As a result, this online pharmacy is more familiar with people preferring to use online eCommerce websites. It is a confirmed fact that it is more affordable to buy generics via online services than visiting conventional drugstores.