Personal Qualities and Goals

Trust Pharmacy Personnel

Trust Pharmacy gives comfort and joy to every client. The company employs qualified personnel. Experienced consultants have a high level of training and full information on the brands presented.

Our employees are the key to our success!

Earlier, the main responsibility of the pharmacist was the manufacture of medicines but now he communicates with clients.

In view of the continuous development of science, the work of the pharmacist requires constant self-education, so our pharmacists regularly attend refresher courses. Pharmacists from Trust Pharmacy are highly professional specialists with good knowledge. Our employees love their work and are proud to work for our company.

Now we rely much more on pharmaceutical care. The pharmacist’s task is not only to give the medicine to the buyer but also to explain and tell the client about the role of health prevention. The task of the pharmacist is to help in the process of treatment. We constantly try our best to provide our customers with the best pharmaceutical care. We are developing to ensure that our pharmacy is a place where you can get quality medical services.

We worked hard to create the image of Trust Pharmacy: it’s a trustworthy company with professional pharmacists, nice website design, and a safe work environment.

It is important that every employee finds here his role and growth opportunities. Therefore, we constantly draw attention to the fact that the working environment, remuneration and the opportunity to regularly improve professional qualifications helped each employee to feel belonging to the family of Trust Pharmacy..

What makes our employees stand out?

  • Friendly, attentive, tactful. Even if you are annoyed by something, you are tired of getting sick, you are in a disgusting emotional and physical state, our pharmacists will never be rude, they will not ignore the request, they will not react to a bad mood with a similar response. They take into account the fact that many people come to the online pharmacy exhausted by illness and try to treat them as carefully, patiently and sensitively as possible;
  • Individual approach. Our employees understand that the categories of people visiting the online pharmacy are very diverse. They will try to find a common language with every person, taking into account the needs of the buyer. This is especially important in case of working with sick people and pensioners;
  • Ability to listen. It often happens that when you come to the online pharmacy, you involuntarily share your problems with a pharmacist, you tell him about the course of the disease, about your health. I think you agree it is difficult to share all this without receiving a response. Our pharmacists will listen to you attentively, support the conversation, and treat your problem delicately;
  • Professional consultation. “How to use the drug, how to store it, how long to take it?” – these and all other questions will be answered by our pharmacists. Of course, all this information is indicated in the annotation to the drug, but nevertheless, experts of Trust Pharmacy do not consider it superfluous to remind once again the main points associated with the use of the drug.