Generics on Trust Pharmacy

Generic is a copy of the original drug. A company that registered a drug with a new molecule or a combination of molecules, obtains a patent and can enjoy the exclusive right to produce a medicine for a while (usually about 20 years). After this period is completed, other companies also get the right to sell generics of this medicine. There are a lot of pharmacies having in the assortment the generics but Trust Pharmacy is almost the only pharmacy specializing in the sale of the most high-quality generics.

Generic names on Trust Pharmacy

The generics on Trust Pharmacy have other trade names, shape and packaging, but the same active substances as the original drugs. In fact, they can be considered one and the same medical products. One might think that these are two different medications, if not for the generic name (international non-proprietary name), which will be the same for both drugs. This situation often occurs with ED medications. For example, brand Viagra is sold under the generic name Sildenafil or even generic Viagra.

Why are Generic Drugs Cheaper than Originals?

In most cases, generics are cheaper because their manufacturers do not invest in the search for new effective and safe constituents. Those who are engaged in such studies need to somehow cover the costs not only for the development of new drugs but also for studies that result in failures. Therefore, often the original drugs are expensive, and their monopoly lasts a long time.

The final cost of generics is often influenced by market conditions. Instead of all these, Trust Pharmacy is the online store with the lowest prices on the pharmaceutical market.

What if There Is no Money for Buying the Original Drug?

Doctors recommend not to be afraid to buy generics. “In most cases, doctors recommend generics. They often tell the patient that there is an original drug and there is a generic, which, in pharmacists’ and doctors’ opinion, is cheaper 4 times, but hardly 4 times worse.” However, it is worth buying an original if it is a drug with a so-called narrow therapeutic index when even a small dose change can lead to no effect or poisoning (anticoagulants, immunosuppressants and antiarrhythmic drugs).

If it is a case of treatment, for example, hepatitis C (original drugs are very expensive), then you can buy generic drugs online.

The Cost and Quality of Generic Drugs on Trust Pharmacy

Generics are often much cheaper than original brand drugs, which is their main advantage and the reason why they are chosen by many patients, doctors and hospitals.

Trust Pharmacy generics are produced by authoritative companies meeting all the quality standards. Such a low price is achieved due to the reduction in expenses on renting a room and having a great space for storing the medications.

It is a confirmed fact that the effect produced by generics vs brand drugs are absolutely the same. Finally, there is a question about why to buy brand meds and pay twice more?