Comparison of Trust Pharmacy with Other Online Services

Comparative Characteristics of Several Online Pharmacies

Name Assortment Shipping Payment Generic/Brand Unknow. No current delivery to the USA VISA and its derivates; Bank transfer; WU. 23% Rough Generics/Brand Local delivery (free) Unknown 100% (questionable) Unknown
Trust Pharmacy Generics/Brand International Visa, MasterCard 66% Unknown Generic/Brand International AMEX, PayPal, Visa, MasterCrd 56% Probationary certified Review

pharmacy 4u logo is an online pharmacy located in Mauritius. This online pharmacy provides medications from the following drug categories: weight loss, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, ED packs, herbal products, pain medicine, antidepressants, other products.

What kind of shipping this pharmacy offers is unknown. It is known only that currently, the shipping to the USA is not carried out. For arranging an order online you have to create your personal account on the website. considers this website as threat-listed. estimates this website as rough somehow breaking customers’ rights. As a result, we have no definite opinion on whether this online pharmacy is reliable enough. Review

americas pharmacy logo

America’s Pharmacy is located in Sarasota, Fl, USA. America’s Pharmacy provides the following services: DR. Comfort Footwear, Protect Your Friends and Family by Getting Vaccinated, First Aid Suppliers, Western Union, Wide Range of Vitamins and Supplements, Over-the-Counter Health Care Products.

This company ensures an access to the quality brand and generic medications. This company provides free local delivery. It is unknown whether this pharmacy provides an international one but we are inclined to the fact this option absence. does trust this online service – 100%. Unfortunately, we cannot trust this data absolutely because it seems doesn’t analyze the data of 35809 on the same server with Moreover, doesn’t have any information about this website.

We may suppose this pharmacy has a lot of customers in Florida. The question is still open how wide this company performs its functions. It is up to every customer to decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

Trust Pharmacy Review


Trust Pharmacy is an online pharmacy with a wide range of generic and brand medications. Being present for many years on the pharmaceutical market it has gained a trustworthy reputation. This pharmacy deserves this reputation due to high-quality meds and low prices. The delivery is international including the USA. provides a 66-% rating level. has no information about this online pharmacy.

In fact, you may easily order medications commanding this service. The ordering procedure is simple not complicated by registration. Start arranging an order online right now and get a 5 % discount for any medications. Review

chemist direct logo is the UK’s #1 online distributor of pharmacy medications, specialist skincare products, everyday essential toiletries, vitamins and supplements. The most top brands sold at this pharmacy are Regaine, Nannycare, Aptamil, Alli, Slimfast, Nicorette and Tena.

This company is a registered one with a number – 9010315. This pharmacy provides an international delivery by means of global E or MHIE. There are cases when the products may not be taken to the country where they are prohibited. As a result, you should comply with your country’ laws.

This company is located in Birmingham, UK. gives 56% of security confusing the company owner and website probable location. There is a suspicion of two countries mentioned – the United States of America or the United Kingdom. But the greatest advantage of is a probationary certificate of

In general, we may recommend this service.